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Northern Bands Hockey Tournament 2015


Here’s the link to the Live Webstreaming of the games played in Rink #1 at the Dryden Arena. KNet Live STream

Please continue to support Wawatay’s audio feed to get the maximum experience! (KNet plugs their awesome audio into the webstream.) Wawatay needs to pay for the commentators, the controllers at the main office, the broadcasting equipment and the air time! “Wawatay Radio Network would like to announce that we are gonna be broadcasting the 30th Annual Northern Bands Hockey Tournament, March 16th – 22nd 2015 in Dryden, On Only with your generous sponsorships we are able to cover this Big Event, Big enough that we are gonna be broadcasting on both Wawatay Radio and Wahsa Radio (arena 1 & arena 2) We have faxed out the sponsorships packages. If you have not received any, please call Wawatay.  Wawatay’s Radio Stream  BUT PLEASE CALL LEROY at 220-0048 to sponsor the play by play of your team’s games! 

Here’s the Northern Bands Website to check scores & daily schedule!

It’s all takes partnerships to bring you the most of the Northern Bands Experience into your home! Please continue supporting your local internet provider and your Northern Radio!  :D

Federal Elections & First Nations 2015 – What if all First Nations Voted?


What can you do now?

The Harper government has made it even harder for YOUR ANISHINABE/FIRST NATIONS/INDIGENOUS VOICE TO BE HEARD!  So what can you do about it?

Click here to read: Fair elections act

“This year, Elections Canada introduced stricter voting guidelines that could impact the aboriginal vote.

* Each voter must prove his or her physical address on paper, the old practice of having a second person vouch for a voter’s address will no longer be acceptable. However, many reserves lack regular street addresses.

* Elections Canada will also no longer accept Indian status cards alone as identification.

* Elections Canada requires each person lacking identification that includes an address to have a different registered voter swear an oath as to the technical land description of their home or a letter from the First Nation confirming the location, along with a piece of identification with the voter’s name.”

1) Get your identification. The federal issued Indian Status Card will not be accepted as valid id during this federal election lol ain’t that weird? Work on getting your birth certificate.  You can order it on-line here

If you cannot go for your Ontario Driver’s License than go for this ID.  It’s the Ontario Photo Card. It’s also accepted as ID to open a bank account (bonus) You can take your original birth certificate and status card to an Ontario Service Office. Click here to find office locations in Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, Kenora, Dryden and Thunder Bay.


Under Harper’s new “Fair Elections Act”, Elections Canada is no longer allowed to promote voting. It’s up to us to get the word out.

The first step is to make sure as many people as possible are registered to vote. Please share this link widely.  ON-LINE REGISTRATION

Assembly of First Nation has been granted the project on how to address the issue of lack of proper identification for First Nations voting district.  I STILL haven’t seen any publication from them, nor have I received a response from my inquiries. I encourage you to speak to your Chief & Council.  They need to put the pressure on them too. From what I’ve gathered online so far is that they are only suppose to “warn” the First Nations on what they need.  NO word on what they will do to ASSIST and GUIDE the people in actually doing so. So put that question forward too, if you happen to contact them.  THANKS FOR THE WARNING, BUT NOW WHAT?

IDLE NO MORE Addresses the stricter voting roles.

“So, if aboriginal people were mobilized, they would certainly have an impact on the electoral outcome,” – Joyce Green read article here.

First Nations vote could be a game changer article

Fair Elections Act would hamper aboriginal voters, First Nations advocates urge

There are so many things happening at the political level today and it will impact us, our children and our grandchildren.  We need to step up and vote. I’m not going to say who to vote for. I’m not going to advocate for this party or that party, however, I am going to encourage you to do what you can to speak your voice by voting.

SINCE!! We don’t listen to what people tell us to do and we like to prove people wrong by doing the opposite…’s this guy telling you something…LMAO

Reverse Psychology LOL

I’m not claiming to be a political expert, I’m not claiming to know it all….I’m just scared & concerned about where our current government leadership is going (or not going at all) Especially when it comes to our communities, our homeland and the future for our children & grandchildren….ain’t you?



MNR Slates our Traditional Hunting & Fishing areas for “Public Land Use Planning”

If your First Nation Community is in the highlighted area of the map above than listen up! :P

If your First Nation Community is in the highlighted area of the map above than listen up! :P

Shakoo Angie lol But seriously I saw this the other night. It only caught my eye because I noticed that Muskrat Dam First Nation would be in that area than I went to go read it.  Sad to say I am not surprised that the people of Ontario are planning something for our traditional territories. NOT surprised at all! Even Elders saw this long time go. Which is why the Elders in Muskrat Dam came up with the Hunter’s Festivals. As controversial as they are, they still served an underlying purpose. (Personally, I don’t agree with a moose derby every year…hunter’s festival maybe? bi-annually maybe? but we need to remember the traditional ways our Elders kept balance in the land.  They just didn’t go in and slaughter every year. They moved around their traditional territories so one piece of land could replenish itself) They wanted to seek ways for the young people to stay in engaged in the the traditional activities such as hunting, fishing and trapping (plus they needed saw it fed the community and filled up people’s freezers with meat for the upcoming winter) and the Hunter’s festival was one of those ways. They said “If the government doesn’t see us using the land for hunting, fishing and trapping than they will come in a scoop it up from us. They will have valid reasons to take the land and use it for how they want to because we are not using it to support our lifestyles” Another Elder said to start buying land that sits between our communities. He knew the government was going to come and try to grab the Crown Land that sits between our communities.

If YOU or know of a community member who is in Sioux Lookout from 3 pm to 8 pm TONIGHT! Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 than please come to the Centennial Centre to read up on what MNR has planned for your land, your traditional territories, your trap lines and traditional hunting and fishing areas. Just don’t sign in or give your mailing address.  They will use to say “We consulted you or your community, see? someone from your community signed into our information night” 

OR if you have concerns than I encourage you to call the Ministry of Natural Resources in Sioux Lookout and invite them to come do a presentation in your community.  Their number is 1-807-737-1140 or toll free # is 1-800-667-1940. Encourage your community leadership to call them and invite them to come do a presentation in your community.  If they say that they cannot afford it than tell them to contact the local Lawyers in Sioux Lookout and tell them to ask them to jump on their charters that they use to fly up and do a court day.  Lawyers & Judges fly up to First Nation Communities on court days (and charge the First Nations & Federal governments for it)  You could have a court day and a MNR information day on the same day. OR you can tell them to utilize a video conference presentation with community members.  Most communities have video conferencing units and you’ll just need to contact KNet (Where I work) to say “Hey, we want to have a video conference meetinng with MNR OR we want to invite MNR to do a presentation & a Q & A with our community through video conference” Thanks to your community’s local cable plant and internet service, we (at KNet) can help you coordinate such a thing” You have more power to invite organizations,  businesses and service providers to come and do a community presentation this way.  They cannot say to you “We don’t have that capacity or we don’t know how to do a video conference” If they say that than you will just need to say “Hey! I know KNet Services can help us in that situation!” and we’d help coordinate it.  I know there is a small KNet service fee…dunno what it is…it’s not my department lol I’m just the department LOL jks I work, I work. lol and don’t sign anything! lol or don’t even sign in and give your address.  That is how they can say that you and your community have been dutifully “consulted” and they’ll come in and rip this or that out your traditional territory. I remember one story, my Cousin Roy Fiddler went to the airport and there were these barrels there. The barrels were labelled to have belonged to a certain company so he called the company and asked “What the heck are your barrels doing here? What are you guys planning?” They said they were surveying the land that surround Muskrat Dam and that they “consulted” the band.  After some investigating my Cousin found out that the company phoned the band office and spoke with the student receptionist.  They didn’t even bother speaking to the Chief and Council lol But that was good enough for this multi-million dollar company to come in and start surveying the land for their own wealth.

“Ontario’s Crown land represents 85% of the province. It provides opportunities for economic development, tourism and recreation.” – Ministry of Natural Website (Crown Land page)

So instead of fighting amongst each other for which family or which community has the right to hunt and fish where…let’s get together and tell the government “Hey! We’re here and we want to benefit from these opportunities for economic development, tourism and recreation” They just want us to keep fighting amongst ourselves so they can come up with plans to take more of our land.

Maybe your Chief and Council are already talking to the MNR about this. Maybe they have their own landuse planning in the works.  I don’t know…so maybe you don’t know either? so why not go ask? It’s your land too and you have the right to know who is planning what for it.