Relay Walk-a-thon to raise funds for my late Brother’s Memorial & Headstone


Just got word back that roughly $3000.00 dollars was donated through this walkathon! That was waaay over half of what my Mother was hoping for lol All funds will be deposited in the Robert Morris Memorial Fund at the Bank of Montreal. I know we’ll still be fundraising through out the year.

Miigwetch to everyone who donated their time, their support and most of all for their prayers! It is very much appreciated.  Miigwetch to everyone who made a financial donation! Wow! that was unexpected but very much appreciated :)

I didn’t get to go up and walk in the actual Walkathon but didn’t mean that I didn’t feel the heaviness at the beginning of the event.  I shed so many tears and my heart felt so heavy.  Missing my brother & just feeling my family’s feelings in the air around me. The heaviness in my chest and the wanderings of my mind. I cannot imagine how my Mom & Dad, my Sisters & Brother and their partners or how my Cousins felt when they started the walk and felt during the walk.  I’m sure the many prayers and songs of praise at the Bearskin Radio Station really helped. The heaviness must have peeled away each day and with each step closer to their destination.  I’m sure the prayers and songs of praise at the Muskrat Dam Radio Station really helped in the celebration of the event.  One of the reasons why I wished I could have tuned in.

If one thing that this grieving business have taught me is that it’s okay to feel how you are feeling. It’s okay to express your sorrow and just as it is okay to express the joy. The joys of having had such a love in your life. I love and miss my brother’s big brotherly love. I truly miss him but I am truly grateful to have been blessed with such a love.  Makes me grateful for all my family, friends, extended family and fellow community’s fellowship.

Sending many blessings to everyone that contributed :)

Thank-you, Thank-you.

My Parents finishing the Walk-a-thon at 3:50 pm this afternoon!  Walking towards the St.Matthew’s Church in Muskrat Dam.

Thursday, February 26, 2015 Update on the Walkers

Everyone has arrived in Muskrat Dam for the night. They covered roughly 40 km. Half way!

The start of the Walk-a-thon My Parents and & Sister Janice at the 80 km sign outside of Bearskin. The guy in the orange pants is my brother Darryn and he's carrying his fiance Caitlyn Carpenter lol

The start of the Walk-a-thon My Parents and & Sister Janice at the 80 km sign outside of Bearskin. The guy in the orange pants is my brother Darryn and he’s carrying his fiance Caitlyn Carpenter lol

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My Parents are probably resting. There will be a potluck feast after the walk-a-thon is over but they have another 40 km to go tomorrow!

Some pictures from last night’s gathering at Bearskin’s Radio Station. Some locals and Wajushks singing and talking.  Wish I could have heard what my parents were saying.

There’s pictures of my Mom & Dad getting ready this morning.  Miigwetch to the people that supported them at last night’s radio and to those that gathered with them at the Church at 8 at this morning.  The temperatures in Bearskin were minus 25.  Miigwetch to those coming out to support and volunteer their time to be with my folks, siblings and family.  I’m not even there and I already feel so overwhelmed.

My Sister Pearl is on the winter road right now, driving up to join in the Walk-a-thon.  I sent up a box of pies that I made last night and two boxes for chicken stuff lol There is going to be a pot luck feast after the Walk-a-thon.  Thank-you to those that are going to contribute to that. Even though I’m not there I’m trying to contribute anyway I can from Sioux Lookout.

My Parents and Scuzzins Roy and Morris Fiddler at the Bearskin Lake Radio Station. facebook-20150225-234704 facebook-20150225-234718 facebook-20150225-234740 10862466_10153152100222787_2623369697681973381_o11025212_10153152100932787_4018557905832205095_o10994244_10153152107717787_2331748070143216872_o

ILast night’s singing and praising at the Bearskin Lake Radio Station.  I wish I could have heard the stories that were shared :)

10993130_10153152153132787_9133791913234817452_o 10995293_10153152155727787_6886929004012216529_o

Parents getting ready this morning.

Parents getting ready this morning.

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