Happy Birthday to my dear Bro


*I wrote this story on the day of his birthday.  Friday, December 26. He would have been 41 years old.  I love and miss my brother so much but all I wish for him is to be a peace.  I had a good dream of him on Christmas morning. I woke up crying tears of happiness, sadness and joy. 

I was born 4 years after my older trio of siblings. They were born one year after another so they were a tight group. 
Back in 1978, there were no cell phones or no internet to share the joyous news of a new born. Mothers flew out alone on small float planes to Sioux Lookout to give birth. My Mom was out by herself when she had me and my Dad was back in Bearskin Lake taking care of my older siblings. On the day of my joyous birth, my Dad was doing laundry with them when someone came and told him that his favorite child was born and that he should to give the other children away…so he did….right away…LOL just kidding that didn’t happen. Lol My Dad asked my brother Robert what he wanted to name is his new born baby sister. After much thought he told my Dad “Shii-wii-taa-gun Koo-koosh” meaning “Salt pork” LoL
Through out the years my Brother would tease me or if I was being a pest than he’d say “Shut up Salt Pork” then either I’d get mad or we’d laugh lol I always wondered why he called me that.
On the day he got medivac’d to Thunder Bay he kept texting me. We were teasing each other and I told him that I would be at the Thunder Bay Regional when he got there. I drove off right away and zoomed to Thunder Bay. Before I left, he texted me “I love ham so therefore I love you lol” and I wrote back “eeeee you love Salt pork…Coulda been my name if Dad listened to your craziness” “Yeah” he replies…”i was thinking about that” I wrote back “I always wondered about why you wanted to name me that but I came to the conclusion that you wanted to name me after something you dearly loved so you named me Salt Pork”. Okay” he replies. We had a good laugh about that convo when I got to see him at the emerge department the next day. I took care of his and our Father’s immediate needs and headed home. My Dad needed his truck so I had to take my friend to drive it from Sioux for us 
In the time Robert was in Thunder Bay Regional, we kept in contact via facebook and texts. We shared jokes, stories and a few intimate moments. I was lucky enough to visit my Brother the weekend before he passed away. We were talking about him being transfered to Sioux Lookout and that I couldn’t wait for him could be closer because it would have been much easier for me to take care of him. I honestly believed that he would be here longer for me to take care of him and for him to be with us. There are moments I miss him sooooo much and there are moments I happily recall memories of him. I had a really good dream about him Christmas morning so I know he’s in good spirits. 

Happy Birthday to you Robear! Love you!

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