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Getting ready for fall


Well anyway, My Husband and I like hanging out and doing fun shit.


One of our favourite activities is fall hunting! well, he hunts, I just tag along, watch and attract the moose.  Yes, I attract moose lol  Never fails, whenever I go out with him, or someone else than we see a moose or more than one moose. (I’m available for any hunter’s festivals in Bearskin & Muskrat Dam this year) Just pay my way home, I’ll come sit in your boat and you can shoot the moose that come down :P I just want to come and feast hahaha!

Anyway, Jesse bought a new scope at a yard sale for one of his 30.06′s so we went for a ride over dere *points lips towards a sand pit* to sight his gun.  I sat there and watched him from our vehicle but than he asked me if I wanted to try.  Yeah! sure! why not? So, after a quick lesson on how to use a scope, I took a couple of shots.


Just shy from the bullseye! So, after that Jesse says it’s his turn again.


He takes three shots and than we ran to check where he hit the target (bottom 3), he says “K, one more time” than takes 2 other shots


lol almost!

So after we checked it, he turns and says…”Hmmmm yeah we’re not leaving until I hit the bullseye” So I say “Okay” As we’re walking back to our 50-60 yard mark he says “Yeah, I’d take you as a hunting partner…I mean you wouldn’t hit the moose in the eye but close enough” we had a good laugh lol

So, he sets himself up and takes a shot (I’m getting cold so I’m hoping he got a bullseye)


We run up to the target, take a look and his shot is closer to the bullseye than mine! (yay!) He turns to me and says “Okay game’s over, I win!” LOL

Good Times!

I love hanging out and working with that guy in the bush.  We have lots of laughs out there. Always provides good miichim for us because he is such a great provider (and he really is a great shot).

School is in the air!

I’m sure most of you parents out there are getting excited for school to start up again…or maybe you’re not?

I’m anxious for the new school year.  My oldest daughter graduated from high school in June! WOW! what an incredible (but also an incredible pain in the ass) journey  lol But she graduated and that was all we could ask for.  Miss Mya will be starting grade 10 and I’m pretty excited for her! She’ll be going on a trip to Europe in March with a bunch of other students so I’m excited for her to have that opportunity. I’m so proud of my daughters that it’s not even comprehend-able. :) Keenan will be starting grade 7 and as always I’m sure it will come with some struggles.  Keenan is an academically smart guy, however, his social skills smarts need more support. Little does he know that the social aspect of the senior wing will play a big part on how his school year will go.



And now to get them ready for school! So how do you get your children ready for school? sure there’s the basics, new shoes, new clothes, new school bag, school gadgets and school snacks but did you put into any thought about mentally preparing them for school?

First off! Around the 2 week count down to the first day of school…start sending your child(ren) to bed at an earlier time than they have been during the summer. I encourage my children to start going to sleep at 10:30 pm than the last week of school I want them in their rooms by 9:30 so they can relax before bed. I know I have a high school student and a senior wing student but I still establish a bed schedule for them. The child’s brain needs a minimum of 10 hours of sleep per night so he/she can be mentally ready to LEARN!

This is around the same time I start talking to them about school and reminding them to start preparing themselves for it.  Yeah, yeah what kid wants to be reminded of school in the last few weeks of summer vacation but it’s necessary. Preparing their minds is essential in helping them prepare for the emotional and bodily stresses of starting a new academic year.  I also remind them to be respectful to their teacher and the staff of the school…WHY? because they will be hanging out with them from 7:50 am to 4:00 I say those times because that’s when my children get picked up by their school bus and I want them to respect their bus driver because he/she is responsible not only for my children’s lives but for the lives of other children. So, please teach & encourage your child to follow the rules and respect the bus driver.   His/her life could depend on it.  I also encourage them to be respectful to all the staff of the school because they will be hanging out in that school for 10 months out of the year and no one likes hanging out with bad vibes lol

When my kids were younger I used to go with them to their class for the first day of school. I wanted to know where their class was, meet their teacher and let the teacher know that if there was any issues than please contact with me right away. If there were any behavioural issues, I asked them to let me know right away so I could correct that behaviour at home than if it continued than I would ask my child what was bringing it on? If there was any other issues with other students than I would bring it to the attention of the teacher so she/he could deal with it. If there was no resolve than I would step in and be more active in a positive resolve. I tried to support the teacher by disciplining my own child at home and encouraging & supporting my child to be ready to learn at school.

Also VOLUNTEER!! I can never say this enough. Volunteer some of your time at the school. Ask your child’s teacher if there are any outings that he/she will need some extra hands/feet or eyes for and let them know that you could be available to help out. Or if there is any special “events” or activities happening in the class that you could go help out with.  It will help the teacher and it will help you by having an inside peek at what goes on in the classroom on a daily basis. The teacher not only has to deal with your kid…he/she has to deal with 20 other kids! that’s a lot of personalities and behaviours to deal with. So go spend some time in your child’s classroom.  Your child will also benefit in seeing you at his/her classroom because it will show that you care and that you are truly investing & interested in your child’s learning. It’s a confidence booster. It will also let the OTHER children in the classroom see that you care about them too and the bullying issues decline.  It has a domino effect so take the time to volunteer.

If you have some time than watch this video.  It’s called “Hold on to your kids” by Gabor Mate.  I held on to my kids throughout their academic years.  It was a tough battle at times because of peer influences, media and other social influences but I held on to them so I could guide them properly into being functional and independent individuals. I didn’t want my children and still don’t want them falling into “The Norm” of everything that was happening around them.