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Stress and what it does to your body & life

So who is stressed? what is stress? are you stressed out ALL THE TIME? do you know when you’re stressed? Stress is the way your body reacts to a threatening situation or event.  Think about the last time you felt threatened or someone came attacking you with threatening words and actions. Fight? or Flight!  it still causes you stress. fight or flight modelhow-does-stress-affect-health-4   stress   Imagine being under constant stress…24/7 and for over half your life time? All of the above is constantly happening to your body.  After being under such stress for so long than it takes affect on the health of your body & mind. People wonder why the diabetes & hyper tension rate in First Nations people are so high…well it’s because they’re always under constant stress right from when they were carried in their Mother’s womb (especially if the Mom smoked, drank alcohol or used drugs) to being a baby (when growing up in an atmosphere that is stressful or insecure) to childhood (growing up with no Father around or there’s not enough food to eat, or if their parents are too busy indulging in their addictions or parents are unemotionally unavailable because they’re dealing with issues from Residential School or past abuse OR they themselves get abused and no where to go to for help)  and this carries on over to adulthood.  Over crowding in a house, having a shitty house, not having a job to be able to feed your family and constantly eating processed food.  Processed foods have high salt intake, high sugar intake and takes more energy for your body to get rid of from the system…so thus leading your body to more stress.  Stress is a sneaky nasty bitch. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your child doesn’t deal with your adult stresses.  I have learned to manage my own personal/work and relationship stress so I don’t add on to my children’s already stressful lives.  I want them to be better people than I am in many possible ways and one of them is learning how to manage their own stresses, learning how to live for themselves and learning how to be the best humans they possibly can.   They work hard but they also play hard.  I love my children…they are the coolest people I know lol so everything I can do to my capacity is for them.

NOW! HOW to De-stress!!

BREATHE!! learn to take deep breaths and be in the moment. EXERCISE! go for walk, drag the kids out for walk. try to eat as much veggies and unprocessed foods as you can… Take up a hobby, go fishing, go for a boat ride, go for a bike ride, bead, sew, play a game with your kids, read a book, let others help you in organizing an event, stop being  a perfectionist, remember those that judge you have nothing better else to do but judge others, go have a weiner roast, spend time with nieces and nephews, learn to laugh, learn to let things slide and work out on their own.  Step back and ask yourself…is this really worth my health? if not than let it go. learn how to talk…NOT scream, yell, rant or bitch…seriously that is just a waste of energy and personality. Think things through and learn to manage your reactions.  Learn your personal boundaries and learn to accept yourself.  I didn’t grow up with boundaries and I let people walk all over me and take advantage of my generosity & patience. Learn to let go of people whose behaviour stresses you out.  You cannot control other people’s reactions or actions so once you accept them than let them go.  You don’t need that stress because being you is stressful enough. again…exercise! it does wonders for your mental health (and physical health too!) and again…learn to let go. You only have this one life to live…don’t spend it trying to make other people happy or trying to make their lives easier…live for you! live for your own dreams and wishes for yourself. Make time for yourself and those you love in your life. 2347

She did it!


Shawna Leanne receiving her Ontario Secondary School Diploma!

Such a proud and overwhelming moment! She over came a lot of obstacles to achieve this moment and it was grand! Still is…I think I’m still in “awe” land lol


Kevin Day & Shawna Morris

Kevin is the first to graduate with a O.S.S.D in his family…pretty awesome :)

Keep encouraging your child/ren to attend school, to do home work and to achieve their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  Never give up on them :)

Congratulations to Shawna & Kevin & Juanita! (my niece graduated that day too!)

High school Express halts tomorrow… least for one child…two more to go *knock on wood* So my oldest daughter, Shawna Morris, is graduating from high school. It’s been a crazy, slow, fun, exasperating and turbulent ride. A ride well worth the trip to a destination that she worked for and earned.  You see…my daughter has a unique way of learning. I don’t want to call it a disability (like how it’s labeled) because LABELS suck! and the academic world thrives on LABELS! She’s always had her own way of learning because she is her own unique human with own way of thinking, living, and believing.

I wasn’t going to let my child come out and deal with the struggles of high school & life on her own so we moved out with her.  She started high school in 2009 and is now finishing in 2014.  Over the course of the 5 years, we endured a lot of struggles, triumphs, tears and smiles but we prevailed.  I say we because she wasn’t alone in this…there were probably a lot of moments she felt alone but we were always here.  Thanks to her Dad for being such a source of strength when we felt like there was none left in us.  Thanks to her Sister Mya for being the bridge of hugs, the commander of how everyone should behave and for voicing your wishes of how we should be functioning as a family. Such a source of direction you have been and will continue to be :)

Don’t be afraid to speak up on your child’s behalf (I’m not saying to go the school with fists and tempers up in the air) but be approachable.  Show the teacher that you want to work together towards a solution that will suit your child.  Remember that the teacher has about 20 other students to “teach” and look after so keep that in mind.

Learning begins at home. Provide your child with bed time schedule that will provide him/her with enough sleep to help him/her be rested enough to learn. Do you best to provide a stress-free home. (Kids are already stressed out ENOUGH in this world! they don’t need you to add on to it so learn to manage your work/relationship and personal stress) Provide enough “brain” food to help fuel your child’s brain. Pop/chips, chocolates and candy are all processed foods and slows down the body in breaking it down so more energy is used up doing that rather than learning.

VOLUNTEER! VOLUNTEER! Since your child’s teacher has other children in the classroom, his/her attention & energy is STRETCHED MIGHTY THIN sooooo VOLUNTEER! If the class is having an event than volunteer to make something, or to go spend an hour or so in the class while the event is happening. Show interest in your child’s learning by going into the classroom and looking at all the art work and assignments posted on the walls.  Teachers spend a lot of time posting and displaying their work so take the time to enjoy it.

Always be supportive…even when your kid decides to nose dive and farts around.  Always be encouraging! be approachable and remember that there are times you have to SMACK down the law lol

I’m looking forward to Thursday evening.  I’ll probably be super emotional lol but my big Sister will be there to be of some kind of support….buuttt I think she’ll be more emotional than I will be.  Her daughter is graduating too!

So Keep pushing and encouraging your child to achieve his/her high school diploma.  It will open a lot of doors to the adult world for them.  There will be many, many obstacles but every child has it in them to succeed. Don’t let “labels”,  so called “experts” or your child’s own fears & doubts become a stumbling block.

Man…I already know I’m going to be an emotional mess tomorrow. :)

“Liberals win Provincial Election with a majority” now what does this mean for First Nations?

The Liberal platform on First Nations.

 ”Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne vowed to go ahead and spend $1 billion over the next decade to build a transportation route to the mineral-rich Ring of Fire in the province’s north — with or without financial help from the federal Conservatives — if the Liberals are re-elected on June 12.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has shown no interest in helping the province develop the massive chromite deposit, which would be a big boon to Ontario’s economy and create jobs in hard-hit northern communities, Wynne said Sunday in Thunder Bay, Ont…” read story here. 

Remote Aboriginal Communities

In order to help ensure remote First Nations can benefit fully from new transmission projects, the Liberals are proposing the Remote Electrification Readiness Program (RERP), a $3 million fund to help prepare remote communities for the benefits associated with connecting to the provincial electricity grid. These benefits include job training, health programs, business innovation mentoring, and economic development supports. The majority of First Nations in Northwestern Ontario are currently supplied by local diesel generators; diesel generation is 3-10 times more expensive than the average cost of the provincial supply mix. – Mondaq professional advisers

So those are the main issues that is concerning First Nations at the Provincial Level….please note I said at the Provincial Level…NOT Federal (where we and our First Nation Communities are governed under) the part that I KINDA got excited about is how the Provincial government will move forward on The Ring of Fire.  Pretty sad how the Harper Federal Government are not uttering a peep about this.  It shows that they are not willing to work with First Nations…Harper is the leader of the Liberal Party so he’s the boss of all of Canada and he’s not too willing to work with First Nations.  There WAS the promise of a funding increase to First Nation Schools but that does not come in to effect AFTER the Federal Election in October 2015 and with the implementation of Bill C-33 The First Nations Education Act.  Even through AFN didn’t back up the Bill the government is threatening to push it through anyway.  Disheartening.

HOWEVER!!!! Come October 19, 2015 WE ALL HAVE TO VOTE! I shall be promoting and bugging the crap out of all of you to go out and VOTE!!! BOOT HARPER OUT OF GOVERNMENT….lol

So there’s a provincial election happenin June 12th aye?

First off…what the hell is a provincial election? It’s only for the residents of the province of Ontario (not all of Canada like a Federal election is)….including us in First Nations.  Even though we are governed under the Federal jurisdiction of Canada, it helps to have the right party sitting in our “riding” And what is our riding? Our riding is the Kenora Rainy River District.

What is the provincial election for? Well mainly it’s vote for the political party you support and the leader of that party to become the Ontario Premier.

What does the Ontario Premier do? The Premier the “head” of government for the province and is responsible for The Premier leads the government and chooses MPPs to serve as ministers in the cabinet. The cabinet sets government policy and introduces laws for the Legislative Assembly to consider.

Since our First Nations are governed under the Federal government, you’re probably wondering “Well why should I even bother to vote in the Provincial Election?” Good Question! The Premier is the main communicator of provincial government plans and priorities with the federal government and with other provincial and territory governments in Canada.  

What is Canada’s Political System? click here for an explanation Pretty sad the most sensible explanation I found was a government site explaining to immigrants coming into Canada lol


Based on the trend of First Nations to support the NDP in the Kenora-Rainy River riding – continued First Nation voter turn out for the NDP across the riding is perhaps a critical factor for incumbent MPP Sarah Campbell. In the 2011 Ontario election the PCs trailed by 2,642 votes. A decline in First Nation support could change the riding. click here for Wawatay News Story.

Ontario Native Women’s Association urges members to vote” click here for story

CBC News, June 2, 2014 – “The Chief of Pikangikum First Nation, north of Kenora, says his community is refusing to host an Ontario election polling station, because of a lack of attention from candidates.” Click here for story.  Now what can you do to make sure that you can vote? Ask your Chief and Council how you can vote. You still have the right to vote and there will be a polling station in your community.  I know that because KNet is working with an office to help deliver training on the elections and will be delivering training through video conference. 

CBC News May 26, 2014 – “Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath came out swinging at Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne during Monday’s election debate in Thunder Bay — calling the Liberal government corrupt — before the pair addressed the economic needs of northern communities.” Click here for story and video of the debate.  Plus they want to take HST off our Hydro bills lol I’m all for that! 

Wawatay News May 30, 2014 – Ring of Fire development a hot topic in election campaign click here to read story.

There’s also a lot of questions about how can we get First Nations OFF Diesel generators and on to the hydro grid that the rest of the Ontario is on.

There is a lot of mention how a partnership between the Federal government with the Provincial government plans to help move First Nations on to a better hydro grid and in moving forward on the Ring of Fire project…PARTNERSHIP.  So this is why it is important for you to vote.  It does matter who is in power at the provincial level because the Ontario Premier is main communicator of the provincial plans & priorities to the Federal Government. 

Wow! lots of reading aye? Well I know it has taken me all weekend to do this update (thank goodness for the save draft option on the homepage platform lol) because I would read up on whatever I was trying to talk about lol but I don’t want to go vote blindly again.  I voted NDP last time so I’ll be voting NDP again but this time based on what I read and learned about them and not by someone telling me who to vote for lol

So I encourage you to vote, encourage your young adults to vote and your kokums and shooms too! If you are still in doubt about who to vote for than turn to your community leadership for their opinions but also do your own reading :)