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AFN didn’t support Bill C-33….now what?

The chiefs and AFN called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government to “negotiate” a new agreement, but immediately provide the $1.9 billion promised in connection with Bill C-33.- APTN 

Than the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada issued a statement saying the agency was “extremely disappointed” that the AFN “did not honour its agreement with the government.” - CBC

Personally, this made me laugh so hard! Well government welcome to our side of every situation you have proposed us into since your ancestors came to our lands.  AANDC statement continues “As we have said all along, this legislation will not proceed without the support of AFN, and we have been clear that we will not invest new money in an education system that does not serve the best interests of First Nations children; funding will only follow real education reforms,” the statement said. CBC News Article here

So now that AFN has pulled its support for the bill, the government is now pulling it’s promise of the 1.9 billion dollar increase to First Nations Education across Canada.  boohoo…the Chiefs said “Kill the bill but let’s work TOGETHER on a new one” guess the government doesn’t want to play together? not surprised. I was listening in to the AFN meetings and the Chiefs noticed that there was no mention of the money promised in the actual bill itself. Read Bill C-33 here 

The wording in there isn’t much different from the wording of the Indian Act, 1876. In section 51.1 “The Minister has all the powers and functions of a responsible authority under this Act in respect of a school that, on the day on which this section comes into force, is being operated by the Minister under subsection 114(2) of the Indian Act…”  In section, 116. (1) Subject to section 117, every Indian child who has attained the age of seven years shall attend school.

(2) The Minister may
(a) require an Indian who has attained the age of six years to attend school;
(b) require an Indian who becomes sixteen years of age during the school term to continue to attend school until the end of that term; and
(c) require an Indian who becomes sixteen years of age to attend school for such further period as the Minister considers advisable, but no Indian shall be required to attend school after he becomes eighteen years of age.
In section 119.(1) The Minister may appoint persons, to be called truant officers, to enforce the attendance of Indian children at school, and for that purpose a truant officer has the powers of a peace officer.


Doesn’t that sound familiar?? it sounds like Residential School aye? lol gosh.  There is no mention of increased funding and act gives The Minister and government ultimate control of how First Nations run their schools.  No consideration of all the work our First Nations have done to create and implement their own curriculum to teach their language, culture and traditions. That would be like tossing invested money out the window.  I know that it is our responsibility as parents to teach these skills at home too, however there are a lot of Anishinawbe children “In Care” and usually up until they are of age…they have to the right to learn from wherever they can and that would probably be in school.  There are a lot of mis-placed Indians out there, thanks to Residential School, the 60′s scoop and Child Family Services who take our children out of communities and into a lot of foster homes. Pretty sad but it’s true.

Did you notice that these were mentioned in the bill? Mi’Kmaq Education Act & First Nations Jurisdiction over Education in British Columbia Act? Those regions already have their boards & processes in place and have had an agreement with the federal government for many years to run their own education systems.  They are “ahead” of the game already so of course they opposed the other chiefs requests to remove the Bill entirely.  They kind of had to because there is hardly any treaties on either side. (If grade 9 education serves me correctly..which was decades ago) lol This will affect them too but I think it’s totally unreasonable for the Federal Government of Canada to expect ALL the First Nation of ALL of Canada to come to an agreement on a bill that will have a major impact on First Nations Education.

If you are asking yourself why is this such a big deal? our children going to school in our First Nation Schools get funded $4000.00 less than children attending a provincial school.  The funding for provincial students have gone up over the years but the funding for our children hasn’t.  Less money means less money for resources, staff and infrastructures for all children in ALL First Nations across Canada.

Assembly of First Nations LIVE WEBCAST


The discussion and direction on Bill C-33 starts at 12 our time.

Discussion and Direction on Bill C-33 First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act. 

Listen on the discussions happening with Bill C-33.  Don’t know what Bill C-33 is? click here for the House of Commons translation. That’s what the government is portraying it as but click HERE for what it actually means for First Nations.

Here is a visual of what will happen if Bill C-33 goes through without opposition from our Chiefs.



The government is saying that Bill C-33 complies to earlier demands, it does to a point but the government is just putting this on without much input from First Nation Leadership.  They are not even thinking about all the work that our First Nations have been doing on their own customized curriculum, Native Language curriculum and using local professionals to help run their education.

A federal Election is happening in 2015 and an announcement was made in Feb/14 “Economic Action Plan 2014 confirms core funding of $1.25 billion from 2016–17 to 2018–19 in support of the First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act.” click here to read more…

Please notice the dates.  It says 2016…AFTER the federal election. So consult your leadership on which party to vote for.  It was only 50ish years ago that we were given the right to vote without losing our treaty rights so let’s use it.  Sure it’s a double bladed sword but hey we have to use it.  Giving us the right to vote meant the Government was making into Canadians by their standard and when we were already the FIRST NATIONS of this land but we should exercise that right to help us keep whatever control we have our children’s education.  Funding cuts are already happening!

Just adding a news article from APTN “The Harper government had promised $1.9 billion in new money for reserve education if the bill passed.” Please note: IF PASSED! There’s a federal election in 2015. K the webcast just started again so check it out.  They’ll be discussing and debating the proposed act.

Working on figuring this out…bit by bit

Been checking this platform out and attempting to write a post but real work keeps getting my way lol The KNet guy has been plugging away at this on “free time” (mainly at 5:30 am) which drives me crazy but oh well lol

There was an onslaught of complaints already.  People are so used to being served on hand and foot (which facebook does btw) they are also collecting your information and selling that to advertisers and whoever else they make money off of.  So even though it is free, you are still making money for “The man” just by participating in their platform.

WHAAAAT?? Zucky is making money off my hootchie profile pics? :P lol not even but yeah whatever you post on facebook is owned by facebook.  They in turn can use that photo for their own purposes.  At least on you can upload your own photo in your file manager and when you delete your account than all your hootchie pics go with you lol LIKE THIS!!!


lol not even aye?  Well what can I say? I like having fun.  I’ve been too serious all my life and I think I’ll spend now to forever as goofy as I can lol

So yeah keep at it eh?

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Slowly migrating away from Facebook

Slowly moving away from facebook and migrating into  How come? even though facebook is so much user friendly? Well, yes it’s user friendly but it’s also full of advertisements and it keeps track of what you post than targets you with ads. For example, I started posting about how I started playing tennis with my son and a day later my facebook started hitting me with ads about tennis hmmmm not cool.  Also all the pictures you upload and “share” are owned by facebook even when you delete the pictures and delete your account, facebook still has a copy they “own”. At least on your images are yours and we don’t claim to own any images you upload so whoever uploaded their private parts on facebook…well they are now owned by facebook lol Sure facebook has a bigger “audience” but hey how far do you want to spread the news anyway?

People have been calling the KNet office asking for assistance on how to do their home page.  There’s no “official” support for doing your home page…you have to just dive in and learn for yourself. Don’t worry…you’re not going to break it so experiment away…just don’t post pictures of your body parts.

Just trying to post a youtube video of my latest song crush…