“One Stocking Per-Child”

 A fundraising/donation drive to help spread Christmas Cheer! 

Christmas season is a time to celebrate the merriment of family, life and the birth of Jesus Christ. We do this in many ways. We put up bright decorations, bake Christmas cookies, attend special Church services, attend our children’s Christmas plays, put up a beautifully decorated tree and hang stockings with care.  

Like in all conflicts, it is the children that silently suffer. The Parents, Aunts, Uncles, & Grandparents of my home community of Muskrat Dam are doing their best to keep the community positive & looking forward to Christmas festivities. Many are still going to work every day to keep education, health and social services going. Teachers and other staff have stepped up to make sure that the school is open every day for the children to have a feeling of normalcy. Everyone in the community has been doing their best to stay patient in hopes that this situation will be resolved, but with Christmas fast approaching, hope is fading quickly.

My family & I love our community and want all the little & BIG children in it to have some Christmas Cheer. We have started on a “One Stocking Per-Child” drive for the children of Muskrat Dam. My own children have asked to forgo Christmas presents this year and donate to our “One Stocking Per-Child” Cause instead.  They are volunteering to make Christmas stockings with their Dad and be helpful elves to help make this happen. We are aiming to have 75 stockings ready to go by Wednesday, December 15, and we’re writing to ask you & your organization for a donation to help fill a Christmas stocking. 

Your wonderful and much appreciated donation could be any of the following;

•          Little toys, make up, gloves, small books, colouring books & markers

•          Christmas candies, candy canes, pre-packaged treats (non-perishable)

•          Christmas stocking you don’t use anymore that we can reuse OR fabric to make a stocking

•          A financial donation to purchase stocking stuffers and to ship the stockings up to the community.


Contact me to pick up your extra stocking or your gift donations in Sioux Lookout.

A cheque can be made out to “One Stocking Per-Child”

A fundraising bank account has been opened with two signees for accountability.  If you want the banking information to do a bank transaction than please contact me. I can be reached on my cell phone 1-807-737-5980 to pick up a donation or email me at angiemorris@knet.ca for more information.  You can also contact Carla Duncan at 1-807-471-2542 or email her at carladuncan@knet.ca

Miigwetch/Thank-you, Merry Christmas & God Bless!

Angie Morris-Fiddler & Family

My Mum-in-law Margaret Fiddler

I saw a piece in the Sioux Bulletin today (see link to story) Wahsa pays tribute to Margaret Fiddler during graduation  It brought tears to my eyes, not only because I miss her but her contribution in developing Wahsa helped me pursue and achieve my high school diploma.

I was 16 years old when I became a single mother.  Shawna kept me busy and inspired me to see that there was more to do in life other than be a single parent on welfare. I wanted more for her and I realized that “I,  Angie Morris was a role model to another human being” *GULP* scary realization. After a few months of doing nothing but being a Mom, I realized that I needed to pursue and complete my high school education in order to provide for my child. I thought “Okay, how am I going to do this?” Already being a young Mom in the Rez and on welfare, the odds were against me.  Thank goodness our local Wahsa Coordinator was always inviting and encouraging me to come sign up for a course. That spring I took a chance and signed up for a radio course.  I was being ambitious and signed up for 3 courses at the same time. In the end that proved to be too difficult and failed all but one course. Juggling a baby, having no reliable transportation to the facility and sometimes having no sitter to help me keep her were just some of the obstacles I faced.  Luckily, I was able to take Shawna to an evening class if I had no other choice.  She’d sit there and play or nap. She was an awesome baby who let me work lol I worked on my assignments after she went to bed or while she was napping till I finally finished a course with flying colours!   It was in that moment I really could see and actually believe in my goal. I wanted to complete high school the traditional way and not through GED’s or whatever is offered nowadays. I completed two other courses before coming out with Shawna to attend the Parents Attending Secondary School Program at Queen Elizabeth District High School. WE graduated in 1999 with honours…I like to say WE because Shawna was with me every step of the way for those two long years.

Wahsa was ahead of its time in terms of delivering education to our remote communities. Radio waves filled the air in each of our hometowns and my later Mother-in-law saw that as an avenue for First Nations People to achieve their education.  Before she was my Mother-in-law, she was Jesse’s scary Mom lol But after becoming a part of their family & getting to know some of history behind her work, I realized how closely connected we all were even before we became family.

My Mum-in-law in the back ground.

My Mum-in-law in the back ground.

I miss my Momma-in-law. She did a lot of awesome work & I am grateful that I benefited from her contributions to the Northern Society.  Her 2nd memorial is coming up in 3 weeks and we’ll be celebrating her life’s memory once here in Sioux Lookout. They had her 1st memorial up in Sandy Lake last year and I think that’s all we’re allowed to feast for lol One of her instructions before she left for her spirit journey was to only have ONE memorial feast and not one every year. (sorry Mum…just this extra one for our Sioux Lookout friends & family) She was a hardworking and very inspirational woman who HUMBLY & quietly left behind a legacy for her grandchildren to learn about and aspire to.

Robert’s Heaven


I had a dream about my late Brother last week. I was walking along the shoreline and saw a camp up ahead. I kept walking and and recognized the outline of my brother! I got excited and started running.  I scared a moose that was on the other side of the river. (It looked like in the background of the picture below)



The sound of it cracking branches echoed through the river system. When I got up to my brother i asked him how come he didn’t kill the moose. “Oh, there’s lots of time. I’ll get it next time. ” Than he turned and smiled at me and gave me a hug. I remember asking him a lot of questions but he just kept smiling. “Hey! look! I wanna show you a trick” he says. I look down at his hand and see he has a pebble in between the spaces of his fingers then he starts throwing the pebbles in sequence.  The ripples designs were surreal. It wasn’t your average ripples of water, but there were these cool designs. He took me up shore to his canvas tent. He had everything in there. Everything you need to stay at camp for the seasons.


He showed me around and we walked back down to the shore. I looked up the river and saw that someone was walking along the shoreline. “Hey Brother…there’s someone heading this way.” He looked up toward the walking figure and said “That’s Dino Mugguy…he lives up river from me” I looked at him said “Wow! That’s so cool! It’s so beautiful here….peaceful. I’m glad you have company Bro” He smiled at me and said it was time for me to go back. I didn’t want to leave him but I knew he was okay. I love my bro. Miss him but he’s at peace in his heaven.

“Talkin about love…”

My Dream? or was it?

My child lives with a mental illness. She has depression and suffers a severe episode every now and again.

Last night, I woke up at midnight with this overwhelming need to sleep with my oldest child. I got up from my bed and moved to her bedroom down the hall.  I know that she was having a hard time falling asleep, so I cuddled with her (probably squished and almost suffocated her but let’s just stick with cuddling).  I knew she was still restless and not really sleeping but around 3 am I woke up and saw this light at her window. I felt like it was coming for her so I held her tighter. I mumbled “No, you can’t have her. If you want her then you have to take both of us.” I quickly said a prayer and proceeded to hold on to her for dear life. Shortly after I fell asleep and was immediately in this dream. The ground was dry & dead, the trees were dead. The air was stale but I knew I had to keep walking. I had something telling me to keep walking. All around me was misery. I came across a field and at the end of that field was my daughter.  She was on her knees, body hunched over and had these ropes or vines binding her arms to her body. She was crying, in pain and choking. I ran across that field and wrapped my arms around her. I prayed, and prayed to the Creator like I never have before. I didn’t ask her why she was there, I didn’t care. All I knew is I had to keep on praying, holding and loving her. It was chaos all around us. Wind whipping the dry dirt all around us, but I kept on praying and loving her then all of a sudden she snapped her head up and said “Mom” and I woke up. I woke up next to my daughter and I cried. I held her, kissed her and said a prayer. Within 5 minutes she was snoring lol that’s when I knew she was really resting.

I cannot be certain as to where I went. All I know is I was lucky enough to go there and be with my daughter.  I always hear about that “Thing” that comes for our children. That “Thing” that takes their souls bit by bit and eventually their lives. I didn’t let that “Thing” take my child. I will not let it take any of my children. I will walk through hell with them or to them before I ever let any “thing” get them.

Depression and other mental illnesses are so heavy,  so unspoken of and I believe the more we talk about it than the less power it has. There are a lot of youth living with this unspeakable,  and yet very common condition. They think that they are the only ones or if they speak about it than their friends & family will shun them.

Love your children, accept them for who they are, what they are going through OR even putting you through.  Always show you love them. Let them know you cherish them and always have hope.

Northern Bands Hockey Tournament 2015


Here’s the link to the Live Webstreaming of the games played in Rink #1 at the Dryden Arena. KNet Live STream

Please continue to support Wawatay’s audio feed to get the maximum experience! (KNet plugs their awesome audio into the webstream.) Wawatay needs to pay for the commentators, the controllers at the main office, the broadcasting equipment and the air time! “Wawatay Radio Network would like to announce that we are gonna be broadcasting the 30th Annual Northern Bands Hockey Tournament, March 16th – 22nd 2015 in Dryden, On Only with your generous sponsorships we are able to cover this Big Event, Big enough that we are gonna be broadcasting on both Wawatay Radio and Wahsa Radio (arena 1 & arena 2) We have faxed out the sponsorships packages. If you have not received any, please call Wawatay.  Wawatay’s Radio Stream  BUT PLEASE CALL LEROY at 220-0048 to sponsor the play by play of your team’s games! 

Here’s the Northern Bands Website to check scores & daily schedule!

It’s all takes partnerships to bring you the most of the Northern Bands Experience into your home! Please continue supporting your local internet provider and your Northern Radio!  :D

Federal Elections & First Nations 2015 – What if all First Nations Voted?


What can you do now?

The Harper government has made it even harder for YOUR ANISHINABE/FIRST NATIONS/INDIGENOUS VOICE TO BE HEARD!  So what can you do about it?

Click here to read: Fair elections act

“This year, Elections Canada introduced stricter voting guidelines that could impact the aboriginal vote.

* Each voter must prove his or her physical address on paper, the old practice of having a second person vouch for a voter’s address will no longer be acceptable. However, many reserves lack regular street addresses.

* Elections Canada will also no longer accept Indian status cards alone as identification.

* Elections Canada requires each person lacking identification that includes an address to have a different registered voter swear an oath as to the technical land description of their home or a letter from the First Nation confirming the location, along with a piece of identification with the voter’s name.”

1) Get your identification. The federal issued Indian Status Card will not be accepted as valid id during this federal election lol ain’t that weird? Work on getting your birth certificate.  You can order it on-line here

If you cannot go for your Ontario Driver’s License than go for this ID.  It’s the Ontario Photo Card. It’s also accepted as ID to open a bank account (bonus) You can take your original birth certificate and status card to an Ontario Service Office. Click here to find office locations in Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, Kenora, Dryden and Thunder Bay.


Under Harper’s new “Fair Elections Act”, Elections Canada is no longer allowed to promote voting. It’s up to us to get the word out.

The first step is to make sure as many people as possible are registered to vote. Please share this link widely.  ON-LINE REGISTRATION

Assembly of First Nation has been granted the project on how to address the issue of lack of proper identification for First Nations voting district.  I STILL haven’t seen any publication from them, nor have I received a response from my inquiries. I encourage you to speak to your Chief & Council.  They need to put the pressure on them too. From what I’ve gathered online so far is that they are only suppose to “warn” the First Nations on what they need.  NO word on what they will do to ASSIST and GUIDE the people in actually doing so. So put that question forward too, if you happen to contact them.  THANKS FOR THE WARNING, BUT NOW WHAT?

IDLE NO MORE Addresses the stricter voting roles.

“So, if aboriginal people were mobilized, they would certainly have an impact on the electoral outcome,” – Joyce Green read article here.

First Nations vote could be a game changer article

Fair Elections Act would hamper aboriginal voters, First Nations advocates urge

There are so many things happening at the political level today and it will impact us, our children and our grandchildren.  We need to step up and vote. I’m not going to say who to vote for. I’m not going to advocate for this party or that party, however, I am going to encourage you to do what you can to speak your voice by voting.

SINCE!! We don’t listen to what people tell us to do and we like to prove people wrong by doing the opposite…..here’s this guy telling you something…LMAO

Reverse Psychology LOL

I’m not claiming to be a political expert, I’m not claiming to know it all….I’m just scared & concerned about where our current government leadership is going (or not going at all) Especially when it comes to our communities, our homeland and the future for our children & grandchildren….ain’t you?



MNR Slates our Traditional Hunting & Fishing areas for “Public Land Use Planning”

If your First Nation Community is in the highlighted area of the map above than listen up! :P

If your First Nation Community is in the highlighted area of the map above than listen up! :P

Shakoo Angie lol But seriously I saw this the other night. It only caught my eye because I noticed that Muskrat Dam First Nation would be in that area than I went to go read it.  Sad to say I am not surprised that the people of Ontario are planning something for our traditional territories. NOT surprised at all! Even Elders saw this long time go. Which is why the Elders in Muskrat Dam came up with the Hunter’s Festivals. As controversial as they are, they still served an underlying purpose. (Personally, I don’t agree with a moose derby every year…hunter’s festival maybe? bi-annually maybe? but we need to remember the traditional ways our Elders kept balance in the land.  They just didn’t go in and slaughter every year. They moved around their traditional territories so one piece of land could replenish itself) They wanted to seek ways for the young people to stay in engaged in the the traditional activities such as hunting, fishing and trapping (plus they needed saw it fed the community and filled up people’s freezers with meat for the upcoming winter) and the Hunter’s festival was one of those ways. They said “If the government doesn’t see us using the land for hunting, fishing and trapping than they will come in a scoop it up from us. They will have valid reasons to take the land and use it for how they want to because we are not using it to support our lifestyles” Another Elder said to start buying land that sits between our communities. He knew the government was going to come and try to grab the Crown Land that sits between our communities.

If YOU or know of a community member who is in Sioux Lookout from 3 pm to 8 pm TONIGHT! Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 than please come to the Centennial Centre to read up on what MNR has planned for your land, your traditional territories, your trap lines and traditional hunting and fishing areas. Just don’t sign in or give your mailing address.  They will use to say “We consulted you or your community, see? someone from your community signed into our information night” 

OR if you have concerns than I encourage you to call the Ministry of Natural Resources in Sioux Lookout and invite them to come do a presentation in your community.  Their number is 1-807-737-1140 or toll free # is 1-800-667-1940. Encourage your community leadership to call them and invite them to come do a presentation in your community.  If they say that they cannot afford it than tell them to contact the local Lawyers in Sioux Lookout and tell them to ask them to jump on their charters that they use to fly up and do a court day.  Lawyers & Judges fly up to First Nation Communities on court days (and charge the First Nations & Federal governments for it)  You could have a court day and a MNR information day on the same day. OR you can tell them to utilize a video conference presentation with community members.  Most communities have video conferencing units and you’ll just need to contact KNet (Where I work) to say “Hey, we want to have a video conference meetinng with MNR OR we want to invite MNR to do a presentation & a Q & A with our community through video conference” Thanks to your community’s local cable plant and internet service, we (at KNet) can help you coordinate such a thing” You have more power to invite organizations,  businesses and service providers to come and do a community presentation this way.  They cannot say to you “We don’t have that capacity or we don’t know how to do a video conference” If they say that than you will just need to say “Hey! I know KNet Services can help us in that situation!” and we’d help coordinate it.  I know there is a small KNet service fee…dunno what it is…it’s not my department lol I’m just the MyKnet.org department LOL jks I work, I work. lol and don’t sign anything! lol or don’t even sign in and give your address.  That is how they can say that you and your community have been dutifully “consulted” and they’ll come in and rip this or that out your traditional territory. I remember one story, my Cousin Roy Fiddler went to the airport and there were these barrels there. The barrels were labelled to have belonged to a certain company so he called the company and asked “What the heck are your barrels doing here? What are you guys planning?” They said they were surveying the land that surround Muskrat Dam and that they “consulted” the band.  After some investigating my Cousin found out that the company phoned the band office and spoke with the student receptionist.  They didn’t even bother speaking to the Chief and Council lol But that was good enough for this multi-million dollar company to come in and start surveying the land for their own wealth.

“Ontario’s Crown land represents 85% of the province. It provides opportunities for economic development, tourism and recreation.” – Ministry of Natural Website (Crown Land page)

So instead of fighting amongst each other for which family or which community has the right to hunt and fish where…let’s get together and tell the government “Hey! We’re here and we want to benefit from these opportunities for economic development, tourism and recreation” They just want us to keep fighting amongst ourselves so they can come up with plans to take more of our land.

Maybe your Chief and Council are already talking to the MNR about this. Maybe they have their own landuse planning in the works.  I don’t know…so maybe you don’t know either? so why not go ask? It’s your land too and you have the right to know who is planning what for it.

Relay Walk-a-thon to raise funds for my late Brother’s Memorial & Headstone


Just got word back that roughly $3000.00 dollars was donated through this walkathon! That was waaay over half of what my Mother was hoping for lol All funds will be deposited in the Robert Morris Memorial Fund at the Bank of Montreal. I know we’ll still be fundraising through out the year.

Miigwetch to everyone who donated their time, their support and most of all for their prayers! It is very much appreciated.  Miigwetch to everyone who made a financial donation! Wow! that was unexpected but very much appreciated :)

I didn’t get to go up and walk in the actual Walkathon but didn’t mean that I didn’t feel the heaviness at the beginning of the event.  I shed so many tears and my heart felt so heavy.  Missing my brother & just feeling my family’s feelings in the air around me. The heaviness in my chest and the wanderings of my mind. I cannot imagine how my Mom & Dad, my Sisters & Brother and their partners or how my Cousins felt when they started the walk and felt during the walk.  I’m sure the many prayers and songs of praise at the Bearskin Radio Station really helped. The heaviness must have peeled away each day and with each step closer to their destination.  I’m sure the prayers and songs of praise at the Muskrat Dam Radio Station really helped in the celebration of the event.  One of the reasons why I wished I could have tuned in.

If one thing that this grieving business have taught me is that it’s okay to feel how you are feeling. It’s okay to express your sorrow and just as it is okay to express the joy. The joys of having had such a love in your life. I love and miss my brother’s big brotherly love. I truly miss him but I am truly grateful to have been blessed with such a love.  Makes me grateful for all my family, friends, extended family and fellow community’s fellowship.

Sending many blessings to everyone that contributed :)

Thank-you, Thank-you.

My Parents finishing the Walk-a-thon at 3:50 pm this afternoon!  Walking towards the St.Matthew’s Church in Muskrat Dam.

Thursday, February 26, 2015 Update on the Walkers

Everyone has arrived in Muskrat Dam for the night. They covered roughly 40 km. Half way!

The start of the Walk-a-thon My Parents and & Sister Janice at the 80 km sign outside of Bearskin. The guy in the orange pants is my brother Darryn and he's carrying his fiance Caitlyn Carpenter lol

The start of the Walk-a-thon My Parents and & Sister Janice at the 80 km sign outside of Bearskin. The guy in the orange pants is my brother Darryn and he’s carrying his fiance Caitlyn Carpenter lol

10997993_10152695858292155_7850891444185094168_n 11006477_10152695858622155_5501622462602971047_n 5319_10152695858492155_7561790547803661538_n 10425380_10152695861007155_3383345725541315559_n 10426145_10152695863167155_58033716497586670_n

My Parents are probably resting. There will be a potluck feast after the walk-a-thon is over but they have another 40 km to go tomorrow!

Some pictures from last night’s gathering at Bearskin’s Radio Station. Some locals and Wajushks singing and talking.  Wish I could have heard what my parents were saying.

There’s pictures of my Mom & Dad getting ready this morning.  Miigwetch to the people that supported them at last night’s radio and to those that gathered with them at the Church at 8 at this morning.  The temperatures in Bearskin were minus 25.  Miigwetch to those coming out to support and volunteer their time to be with my folks, siblings and family.  I’m not even there and I already feel so overwhelmed.

My Sister Pearl is on the winter road right now, driving up to join in the Walk-a-thon.  I sent up a box of pies that I made last night and two boxes for chicken stuff lol There is going to be a pot luck feast after the Walk-a-thon.  Thank-you to those that are going to contribute to that. Even though I’m not there I’m trying to contribute anyway I can from Sioux Lookout.

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Talkin About Love

Talkin About Love – Waylon Gagnon

My dear friend’s partner is a very talented singer and guitar player.  He sent this song to me & my family when my brother passed away.  This song still brings me such comfort.  I hope my Mom sees my homepage.  She’s in Neskantaga right now.

Gosh.  I get amazed at the human heart.  It just keeps on wanting to love even though it gets broken.  The passing of my brother broke my heart and yet it still wants to keep on loving.  Love to my parents, all my siblings & their partners, nieces, nephews, cousins and my children. <3 and RACH!!


Sitting here thinking about parents. Not only my parents but my friend’s parents and my nieces & nephews parents (meaning my siblings and in-laws) and my grandchildren’s parents (meaning my nieces and nephews parents). Being a parent is very important me. I love being a parent. It has been thus far my greatest and daily achievement in life. It’s challenging, fun and comes with a lot of heartbreaks. My children never directly broke my heart but it was only when society was mean to them. Some by their own actions and some not. I try to teach them that they are responsible for what happens and doesn’t happen to them. Can’t give them everything. I also show them all the hard work their father and I do to provide them with a good home. Hard work in our jobs, in our marriage and in our fun! We have fun lol working hard gives us the chance to play hard too. (which is why we took them to Florida for the Christmas holidays.) :)

Fiddler/Morris Florida Vacation

Fiddler/Morris Florida Vacation

It wasn’t until a year or two ago how much it hit me that I gave birth to this child, I raised this child and this kid is kinda stuck with me for life lol. I thought that as I looked at each of my children throughout the day as they were milling about at home. Their presence just amaze me lol The responsibility of it all just hit me and I cried because I felt so much more blessed. I seriously love my kids. Thought of my parents and how they lost a child. Sure my brother was 40 but he was still my parent’s child. Such a heartbreak that must be.

My Parents and their children. My late brother in the top row in the middle of all his most beautiful Sisters :P

My Parents and their children. My late brother in the top row in the middle of all his most beautiful Sisters :P








Than I thought about how can I ease their pain and I overheard my Mom say to someone at the grocery store “Stay sober and keep & raise your children…that’s how you can help me because it gives me peace of mind” (all in our language of course) I have heard her say that many times but this time it really hit my heart and that’s my wish for all my nieces & nephews who are raising their young ones…I pray that you find the daily strength and courage it takes in being an active parent in your child(ren’s) lives. That is the greatest gift you can give them, to yourself and those around you…especially your parents :)